Intro to Life
The No-Bullshit Training behind Our Success 
"Intro to life is the training course that Jason and I went through that was a Massive Course Correction in our life. We held it very close to our chest because it is very important to us and now we're going to open it up. A lot of people deserve this." - JOCELYNN HARWARD, COO Harward Media 

This is not a seminar ... this is a crash course

This is the same personal training we put our employees through. However, if you think this is a sit-down seminar, you'd be wrong. We're going to show you that how you do anything is how you do everything. We believe in learning by doing, because it's by doing that you see results. 

What to expect

Over 1 Month Of Training
Personal growth doesn't happen over a weekend. Real results take work. Into to Life consists of 2 in-person sessions with the serious work in between.

Session 1: Oct. 15-17, 2020 
Session 2: Nov. 12-14, 2020 

The Foundry
1064 N County Blvd. Suite 150
Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

What you'll experience.   

  • Your Barriers: See how you are holding yourself back and sabotaging your potential. Experience the changes you can make when you finally get it.
  • Your Why: Figure out what it is that you want. Experience how knowing your why affects your decisions around money, relationships and your fulfillment
  • Your Relationships: Learn how to relationship. Experience the results in your personal life, but also learn why it matters for your financial success. 
On a personal note:
Jason races Lamborghini's. I'm a Jetsetter. We run a multimillion dollar company full of all-stars AND we are happily married. (I mean it. Happily married there is no story behind the curtain.)

In short, Jason and I have amazing lives full of bucket-list-worthy experiences. It's the life we intentionally try to create. I'm not telling you all this to brag. I'm telling you this because we went through this training years ago and, looking at our whole lives since then, Intro to Life is still a top 3 experience for each of us. The tools we got are invaluable.
It's time for us to share. You deserve it.  
Jocelynn Harward
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Step 2: Additional Questions

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Nominate a significant partner: 
Intro to Your Life applies heavily to work and home relationships and can transform those environments. If you would like to experience the training with a partner, please share who they are and what your relationship is with them. There is no additional charge to bring a significant partner.

Step 3: Time Commitment 

The Intro to Your Life training is two in-person, live trainings, plus weekly remote trainings in between. Each live training is three full-day sessions.

The next Intro to Your Life Live Training will be held at the Foundry in Pleasant Grove, UT. The live training dates are Oct. 15-17 and Nov. 12-14

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