License your course to us for 25 days.

And ... if things make sense ... sell it to us.  

For 25 days

We'll grow your course, and we'll pay you for it. 

My name is Ford. I run digital brands at Harward Media, and we, very likely, want to license your content for 25 days. 

More specifically, I want to license your content and attempt to seriously scale your course in that timeframe. If, after 25 days, the results make sense to the both of us, we will see if we can come to a more permanent agreement. 

By permanent agreement, I mean an ownership agreement with us. We'd add to our digital brands in a meaningful way, and you'd gain a partnership that allows you to continue to profit as we grow your course. 

But first, here's a bit about who we are and why we're doing this. 

Harward media is a 2020, INC 500 company (one of the fastest growing companies in the USA) with a track record of knowing how to sell online.

In terms scale, we grew 1,032% to make that list, and, in terms marketing, we spent around $10 Million on online ads last year. We're on track to more than double that this year.

I mention this to highlight that we're clearly doing something right online, we're growing and we're serious about working with new course creators.

So, if you have a great course and it is not making as much as you know it could or should. Or, if you just want to see what difference we can make... let's chat.  

- Ford N. 

Harward Media

(and 20-something other industry awards)

Work with one of the fastest-growing, profitable companies in the U.S.

Heres how it works

Review & License 

You submit your name and contact info by clicking the contact us button and filling out the form.

We'll call you. We'll review your course together and we will both decide if there is a fit. 

If there is, we sign NDA's to protect your content and we both sign an agreement to license your content for 25 days. 

25 Day Test 

 This is where we get hard data for us and for you.

Our team will work hard on selling and scaling your course. We will dive into your content. Set up our own campaigns and run traffic to your course. In fact, we'll likely run more traffic to your course in a day than the average business does in month. 

Post-test steps 

At the end of the test, we cut our traffic.

You will have a follow up with us. If we performed to a level that makes sense to both of us, we'll start steps for a more substantial agreement. 


Our audiences are very big and we're looking for a broad range of courses. Instead of detailing the courses that we want, here is a list detailing types of courses with which we will not work. If your course does not apply to the list, safely assume we want to hear from you! 

What we ARE NOT looking for

  • Courses that are so niche that they cannot apply to a relatively wide audience.
  • E-com learning courses (dropshipping, affiliate, marketing, MLM sales)
  •  Courses that promise money or any get rich quick content 
  • Courses targeted at individuals under the age of 18 

(It will be very hard to get your course licensed with us if you have any of these)

Why this is a great opportunity for you.

There is zero downside or financial risk for you, your business or your course.  You can only gain value and insight. We planned it that way. 

If results prove good after 25 days, selling to us could be best business decision for your course. In the worst case scenario, you lose zero dollars and still gain great insight into what a successful digital business learned about your course and remain protected by the licenses and agreement we make if things don't work out. 

We are intentionally taking on all financial risk and operations of our test because it is worth it to us. 

We're not looking for a quick buck. We are looking for opportunities to buy courses that we can scale in a meaningful way for our company and for those with whom we partner. 

Questions you might have by now ... 

Why are you doing this?

We're actively looking to grow and we're willing to take the risk up front to find courses that we can scale and add to our online brands.  

So, are you looking to buy ownership in my course?

Ultimately... yes, that is the plan. We want to acquire courses to add to our digital brand family. You would celebrate a lucrative partnership, and continue to profit as we grow your course business for you. However, that would happen after we license your content for 25 days and ONLY IF joining us makes sense to both of us. 

How do I know this is safe for my digital business?

Know that we mean business from the get go. Your intellectual property matters. Before we start a 25 day license, we will sign NDA's to protect both you and Harward Media. Then, your license agreement will detail all terms, duration and compensation before we get started at all. 

Do I have to stop my own marketing and operations for the 25 days?

Nope! Keep on doing what you're doing. Ads, social media campaigns, PR outreach ... whatever. You do not need to change anything that you are currently doing. In fact, you're likely going to get a lot more eyes on your content, so you can even take advantage of the extra traffic. 

What will you need me to do?

Your role is straight forward. Sign the license & NDA. Give us access to your course and content library. Tell us how you'd like to be paid. That's it! We'll use our systems to market, sell and provide digital fulfillment. 

What about my customers? Can I contact them? 

Absolutely! The customers we bring in go directly into your course system. You'll be able to communicate with them and interact with each of them exactly like normal.

You said, "very likely want to license your content...," what is with that?

We have huge audiences that we understand deeply. We also work often on major digital platforms. So, if your course is something that is near impossible to advertise because it violates marketing rules on ad platforms, we can't proceed. Or, in the much less likely case, if R&D does not think the course is testable at all with our audiences, we would have to tell you that we're not able to license your content. 

So are you an affiliate? 

Nope. Not at all. Frankly, agency work and affiliate marketing does not move the needle for our business and is not worth our investment. Our ultimate goal is to be owners with course creators and seriously scale our digital brands. 

As for the 25 day test ... it will feel more like the opposite of an affiliate than anything else.

In affiliate marketing, the course creator often handles landing pages, checkouts, fulfillment and paying the affiliate.

In order to get real results to show you what we can do and provide necessary proof of scalability to our R&D, we need to control our own landing pages, checkouts and digital fulfillment. One major reason we need to control that customer experience is because we move very fast and generate very high volumes of traffic. We will run more tests over a week on our audiences' customer journey than many companies will run this quarter. 

That is why we are looking to license your content and why it is quite the opposite of an affiliate. We work with your content within the parameters defined in your license agreement. We pay for our marketing, ads and traffic AND we pay you for the sales and growth that we make for you.

What if the test fails or I don't want to proceed after 25 days?

We are fantastic at what we do ... AND ... that could totally happen. 

You have a digital brand with your course. You're a business owner and you know very well that business is not easy. We are very good at what we do, and we are not so naive to promise any results. 

That is why we only want a 25 day license for a test. It lets us prove we can scale your course and it lets you feel no pressure to make any major business decisions without data and proof specific to you.  That is also why we are taking all the financial risk, so you can protect your brand and leave the experience having taken no loss. 

So, should the test fail or should you feel like you don't want to proceed even if the test was a wild success, no worries. It was just a 25 day experience from which we both learned. We unplug ourselves from your course, and thank you for your time. 


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