What We Do

Shouldn't be possible.


Our team thrives most when they're working on a project that shouldn't be feasible, let alone possible.

We've built million dollar brands using a system most 'experts' in our field consider, (and like to remind us), shouldn't work that way.

Frankly, we're ok with that, our results tell our story.


Harward Media is parent company to several e-commerce brands and side ventures. The company's primary brands offer physical goods online and serves customers throughout North America.

Founded in 2012, the company started as a decal & promotional items organization focused solely on selling through third-party platforms such as eBay (yes we are that old), and Amazon.

Since then, the organization expanded to selling niche-specific products and building communities around its brands, moving away from third party platforms with a goal to stabilize its revenue streams. It executed on their multi- entity branding goals, experiencing 300% annual growth year over year. Through their decade of operation, Harward Media earned 6 more national awards and generated its first $1 Million Day in revenue. They also hit their most recent goal to become a 9 figure company, being featured on the Inc 500 in both 2020 and 2021, number 443 and 337 respectively.

The current company goals are simple: controlled growth, hiring talent, and accomplishing things that 'shouldn't have worked'.