What We Do

If you are wondering what we do, it's the impossible.

At Harward Media we breed golden geese.

We pick a niche, build a product line, client list & brand for them. And then (if we feel like it), we sell that startup. Simple right?

Our team thrives most when they're working a project that shouldn't be feasible, let alone possible.

We've built million dollar brands using a system most 'experts' in our field consider backwards.


Frankly, we're ok with that, no one else does what we do. The results tell us enough.



Harward Media operates multiple e-commerce businesses as well as other ventures & acts as the parent company to their brands. The company's primary brands offer physical goods online and serves customers throughout North America.

Founded in 2012, Sticky My Car LLC, now Harward Media, started as a decal & promotional items organization focused solely on selling through third-party platforms such as Amazon.

In 2015 the organization expanded to selling niche-specific products and building communities around its brands, moving away from third party platforms with a goal to stabilize its revenue streams.

In 2016 Sticky My Car executed on their niche-specific branding goals, with two product lines and their associated brands and followings. They experienced $2.5 million in net sales.

In 2017 Sticky My Car created the DBA, Harward Media, as organizational growth far exceeded the original scope of Sticky My Car LLC. That year, the Harward Media portfolio expanded to three brands and realized $4.1 million in net sales.

In 2018 no new brands were created as the focus shifted to owning their respective brands’ markets and building deeper product lines. With their organizational focus and strategic growth to executive leadership, Harward Media saw $13.1 million in net sales.

For 2019 the company goals were simple: controlled growth, hiring talent, and continuing our triple year revenue track record. Through the year Harward Media earned 6 more national awards and generated its first $1 Million Day in revenue. They also reached their goal to achieve a three-year growth of over $1000 percent ( 1,032% to be exact).